The enterprise AI conundrum: Build or buy? The answer is to outsource to a cutting edge player, but only through solid POC diligence.

Venture Beat expounds on the virtues of outsourcing AI solutions to firms in our space, emphasizing the importance of running proof of concept testing (POCs). There are many new solution providers, each purporting to offer a tool that can solve operators' data management problems. How do you know which to choose? Well, why not choose whichever can demonstrate to you definitively that it can add value with your data? Until any tool achieves name brand dominance, there's nothing wrong with requiring a POC before you commit fully. Don't just use the POC as an opportunity to see that software works; expect the POC to deliver measurable value. Set the POC up deliberately, so you can compare performance with and without the use of the tool you are considering. If you diligence thoroughly, you can invest in a lasting partnership with sustained value.

Streamline critical information searches with advanced data techniques. Drastically improve research efficiency for better decisions.

Our article about the value of using natural language processing to mine unstructured data was featured in Hydrocarbon Processing. "Since 1992, management and technical professionals from petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical/chemical and engineer/constructor companies throughout the world have turned to Hydrocarbon Processing for high quality technical and operating information. Through its monthly magazine, website and e-newsletters, Hydrocarbon Processing covers technological advances, processes and optimization developements from throughout the global Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI). Hydrocarbon Processing editors and writers provide real-world case studies and practical information that readers can use to improve their companies' operations and their own professional job skills."

Oil & Gas is working to improve efficiencies and create new value through advanced data science solutions.

Delfin Sia is proud to help sponsor the second annual Society of Petroleum Engineers Data Science Convention here in the Gulf Coast Section. We're really into their theme: "Transforming the Upstream O&G Industry with Advanced Data Science Solutions".

"Is the skilled labor gap a threat to operational safety?" asks Business and Industry Connection Magazine. Managers are smart to focus on closing the gap.

58% of petrochemical organizations report increased safety risks caused by less experienced workers. Traditional strategies are ineffective. It's time for a solution that can make the new crew function with the accuracy and efficiency of their predecessors. The key is intelligent real-time referencing of all the knowledge the retiring subject matter experts saved within the company: emails sent, reports filed, databases assembled, etc. Delfin helps drastically reduce the safety risks by informing new workers with intelligent answers to their questions whenever they're needed. It's like having a subject matter expert on hand at any time to the whole team. Check out our website for more information. hashtag#petrochemical hashtag#workforcedevelopment hashtag#itstrategy hashtag#savings hashtag#efficiency

Oil and Gas needs new age software solutions to maintain efficiency and attract new talent as subject matter experts continue to retire.

How can a fewer number of less experienced technical staff make up the gap left behind by retiring baby boomers? Oil and gas is struggling to maintain decision-making efficiency and effectiveness in the new workforce reality, and attracting qualified candidates to the industry is proving problematic. Both trends point towards implementation of the kind of new age tools expected by the next generation and required to keep operating costs from skyrocketing.

Last year, San Francisco Business Times reported 1,800 companies left California, with most bound for Texas.

Most of the technology firms we know that moved to Texas were lured here by the wave of digital transformation within the energy and industrial sectors. The comparatively high quality of life in major Texas cities is certainly an important factor, but so is the increasing need felt by independent operators and major corporations to explore doing business with new cutting edge software vendors.

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